Nebraska's Version of Stonehenge

Visit Nebraska's Version of Stonehenge. It's called Carhenge!

Two-and-a-half miles north of Alliance on Highway 87, Carhenge is perhaps the strangest attraction in Nebraska.

The full-scale replica of England’s famous Stonehenge is built entirely from old cars. Local resident Jim Reinders got the idea in 1982 when his family gathered at the family farm after his father died. They decided to build a tribute to his father and gathered five years later to begin. Carhenge is built from 38 cars, painted gray. Some of the vehicles are half-buried, others are welded together, and some jut from the ground at odd angles, mimicking the present configuration of Stonehenge. 

In recent years, more automobile sculptures have been added. Just a short walk from Carhenge, fun and quirky pieces include “Spawning Salmon” (a car that looks like giant salmon bursting from the ground) and “The Ford Seasons” (representing the four stages of wheat grown in the area). There is no admission charge, and there’s a small visitor center and gift shop where you can smash a penny for your own Carhenge souvenir. 

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