Fort Cody Trading Post

Photo by Steve & Bobbi Olson

Stockades, Buffalo Bill Cody Memorabilia and Wild West Show!


While approaching North Platte from Interstate 80, one of the first landmarks seen is Fort Cody Trading Post. When viewed from the outside it looks like a frontier log stockade complete with authentically-dressed mannequins with toy rifles standing guard. Inside it’s a combination gift shop and museum, with authentic Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild West memorabilia, and a miniature mechanized Wild West Show. Twenty thousand individual pieces make up the one-of-a-kind machine and no quarters are required. It comes to life on its own every half hour. A taxidermy two-headed calf and frontier canons are among the curiosities to be seen, and jewelry, moccasins and coon skin caps are among the unique gift items found here. Under the watchful eye of one of the few remaining Muffler Man sculptures, the Fort Cody Music Series takes place each summer in the Fort Cody courtyard. 

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