"Tanks" for the Memories

You’ve seen them from the road – those round water tanks at the base of a windmill with horses and cattle gathered around them taking a drink. That’s a good use for them but it’s not much fun. That’s where tanking comes in.

Tanking is climbing into one of those round wonders with your friends and maybe a cooler of drinks and floating downstream.

There’s no need for any paddling. Let Mother Nature do the work. With the exception of possibly dragging your tank to deeper flows a time or two, there’s not much effort involved.

Tanking is a great way to get close to nature. Tankers have reported floating by deer, swans, eagles, turtles, otters and other wildlife. The large, flat-bottomed craft are stable and provide plenty of room. So stable and spacious in fact that you can stay totally dry during a float if you like – depending on how rowdy your fellow travelers are, that is.

Sandhills Motel and Canoe Rental in Mullen has been in the tanking business since about the time the first adventurer hit the water in a re-purposed tank. They put their tankers out on the Middle Loup River – one of the most constant flowing streams in the world. This full service outfitter provides lodging and transportation for a complete tanking experience. They rent kayaks and canoes, too.

Niobrara Riverview Retreats and Little Outlaw Outfitters, both near Valentine, also rent tanks to river adventurers. The Niobrara River is known far and wide by kayakers and canoeists. Tanking the Niobrara River continues to grow in popularity. The float is a slower and less strenuous experience from a tank, leaving more time to soak up the scenery.

Isn’t it time to cross tanking off of your bucket list of outdoor aquatic adventures?