The Pony Express National Monument - Nebraska Life Hometown Story

Dedicated to the bravery and fortitude of the Pony Express riders, the flags of the Pony Express National Monument can be seen waving from 1-80, near retail giant Cabela's.

The young men of the Pony Express were expected to face death on a regular basis. Racing across vast stretches of wild and dangerous terrain, riders weathered blizzards, bandit attacks and broken bones, committed to delivering the mail despite any hazard that awaited them. Although the Pony Express was ultimately a fiscal failure, the legacy created by its courageous riders remains firmly as a foundation of Wild West mythology. Reportedly the only national monument with flags and markers to honor every state the riders journeyed to, the Pony Express National Monument was created by Nebraskans to commemorate the important service these brave men provided to our fledgling nation.