Valentine State Fish Hatchery

Tour Valentine's Fish Hatchery

Located in a pine-covered valley one mile east and one mile north of Valentine, the Valentine Fish Hatchery is one of five hatcheries in Nebraska. Because demand for fish exceeds natural supply, the state has operated hatcheries for more than a century.

Spread over 700 acres, the hatchery handles millions of fish eggs annually (60 million walleye eggs, for example). Last year, lakes in Cherry County alone were stocked with some 675,000 fish. Just to the north, Government Canyon is a 640-acre area of prime wildlife habitat offering hiking, biking, birdwatching and hunting in specified areas. To find the hatchery, drive north on Green Street on the eastern edge of Valentine. (402) 376-2244.

For more information about Valentine and area attractions, contact the Valentine Visitor Center at (800) 658-4024 or visit